Schedule an Appointment

The RWC will offer online-only assistance for Spring 2021. Click here for an overview of our appointment options.

  • For immediate help, request a drop-in consultation by chatting with our receptionists here.

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Important: You must use your BYU email exchange account ( for communications with the RWC. To access this account, go to, enter your and password, and click on the Outlook icon. For video instructions, click here. If you are having trouble creating an account, click here or chat with a receptionist.

Accessing My Appointment

To access your appointment, please follow the steps below (video instructions available here):
  1. Log back into your account at
  2. Select your name at the top left and find your appointment under “My Appointments” in the drop-down menu
  3. Click on your appointment slot, and then click “START OR JOIN ONLINE CONSULTATION”

Click here to chat with a receptionists if you have any issues accessing or attending your appointment.

Policies (updated March 2020)

  • Appointments are available for current BYU students only.
  • Students are limited to an hour of synchronous (Zoom) assistance per day and three hours of synchronous assistance per week.
  • Students are limited to one asynchronous (email) appointment per week.
  • Students who miss two appointments will be ineligible for appointments for the remainder of the semester. An appointment is consider “missed” after 10 minutes (for a 30-minute consultation) or 15 minutes (after a 60-minute consultation).
  • Consultants do not discuss or assign grades.

For more information about research and writing consultation sessions, see our FAQs page.