For Faculty

The BYU Research & Writing Center supports students from across campus with their research and writing needs.

Students who visit the RWC meet with a trained undergraduate writing or research consultant who will get to know them and the assignment, discuss their questions and concerns, review and discuss their work or ideas, and share feedback and resources to facilitate students’ long-term learning. The consultant’s highest priority is to help students meet assignment expectations and develop increased confidence as writers and researchers.

Research & Writing Center Services and Resources

Recommendations for Helping Students Use Research & Writing Center Services

  • Familiarize yourself with the Research & Writing Center mission and resources
  • Introduce students to RWC services:
  • Encourage students to visit well in advance of assignment deadlines to ensure time for revision and to avoid long lines
  • Help students identify specific questions to address or feedback to solicit during their consultation
  • Remember that meeting with a writing or research consultant in the RWC should not replace classroom instruction or attendance

Syllabus Statement

Make your students aware of the Research & Writing Center and its resources by including a statement in your syllabus:

The BYU Research & Writing Center (3340 HBLL) is a valuable, free resource where trained undergraduate consultants provide individualized assistance on assignments at any stage of the research and writing process. Consultants aim to help you meet assignment expectations, answer questions, and increase your skills and confidence in research and writing. Before visiting, familiarize yourself with the RWC’s services and resources. When visiting, bring whatever materials will help the consultant best help you, including your assignment description, feedback from your instructor or TA, specific questions, and related materials.  To learn more, visit

Learning Suite Announcement Flyer

Provide your students with quick access to Research & Writing Center hours and location by copying and pasting the following image into a Learning Suite announcement:

Resources for Faculty Writing and Teaching

Faculty and staff writers are welcome to use Research & Writing Center services in addition to other on-campus programs designed to assist faculty with writing, editing, and teaching: