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Writing Tutorial for Multilingual Students -- SIGN UP

After you sign up, Katie (the RWC multilingual writing guide) will pair you with a writing consultant and help you get started!
(Spring 2022, Fall 2022, etc.)
If you are enrolling for Winter 2023, are you interested in receiving one hour of course credit for the Tutorial?
If a professor, advisor, or TA recommended the Tutorial to you, please put their name here. (Example: "Dr. Sarah Kim, my English professor".) If no one referred you, you can leave this blank.
Please tell us more about your background as a multilingual student. Is English your first, second, or other language? Did you grow up bilingual? Do you speak a language other than English at home with your family? Etc.
In the Tutorial, you will meet with your consultant for one hour at the same time every week. Please list at least THREE DAYS AND TIMES when you'd be available to meet every week for the semester.
Please list the courses you're taking this semester where you expect to do a lot of writing. (Examples: MCOM 320, American Heritage, Political Science 200, Religion C 100, etc.)