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ESL & Multilingual

If you are an ESL or multilingual BYU student, welcome! We at the RWC are excited to support you. If you are faculty, an instructor, or an advisor, click here for more info. Some resources available to support you include the following:

  1. ELING 310R: Writing tutorial for Multilingual Students
  2. Paired Tutoring for Multilingual Students: The Tutorial Without the Course Credit
  3. Regular One-on-One Consultations

Click on the tabs below to learn more about each of these options.

Paired Tutoring
One-on-One Consultations
More Info
MLW Writing Tutorial Information Video

If you are an undergraduate multilingual writer enrolled in writing-heavy courses, we have a great resource available for you: ELING 310R: Writing Tutorial for Multilingual Students. The Tutorial is a one-credit, pass/fail course, run through the RWC, where you can earn credit while getting one-on-one support for the writing projects you’re already working on in your other classes. In the Tutorial, we pair you with a specially-trained peer writing consultant who you meet with here at the RWC (3340 HBLL), or virtually via Zoom, at the same time each week. We will set up these weekly meetings at a time that works for you, so you don’t need to worry about whether the course will fit your schedule.

You and your consultant will work together at every stage of the writing process. During the weekly meetings, you can expect the following:

• Support with writing assignments for your courses

• Help in developing a more effective writing process (leading to less stress and less procrastination!)

• Guidance in setting, working toward, and achieving your writing goals

Because you’ll be working together consistently, your consultant will have the chance to get to know you and your writing on a deep level. (You’ll get to know them, too!) This will enable them to help you improve over time in ways that wouldn’t be possible in a single meeting.

You can take the course up to three times total during your time as an undergraduate at BYU.

How do I sign up for ELING 310R?

Add the course to your schedule on MyBYU/MyMap the same way you would sign up for any of your other classes. Click the button below to be taken to BYU’s registration page:

Do you want to participate in the Tutorial without receiving course credit? Do you want to be able to join the Tutorial anytime during any semester, even after the add-drop deadline has passed? Then we have a great option for you: you can sign up for paired tutoring for multilingual students any time!

Paired tutoring is just like the Tutorial course but without the element of course credit. We’ll still pair you with a specially-trained consultant, who you will meet with at the same time every week throughout the semester either in person or virtually, and you’ll get the same kind of support with your writing and goals.

Use the sign-up form below any time to get started with paired tutoring.

Check out this handy chart, which can help you understand the similarities and differences between the Tutorial course and the paired tutoring option:


If you have any questions, please email Katie Watkins, our Multilingual Writing Guide, at

Interested in writing support but don’t feel the need to come every week? As with all students, you are welcome and invited to come to a regular, one-on-one consultation at the RWC at any time! You can schedule your 30- or 60-minute appointment in advance using our website, or you can drop in. Appointments are available in person and virtually. To learn more, click here.

To see how regular consultations compare to enrolling in the Tutorial, check out this infographic:


For more detailed information about Tutorial policies, and for frequently asked questions about the Tutorial, you can view and download (or share!) the below flyers about ELING 310R.