For ESL and Multilingual Students

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If you are an ESL or multilingual BYU student, welcome! We at the RWC have some great options available to support you. We also have a Multilingual Writing Guide, Katie Watkins, who can talk with you about your writing goals and concerns and connect you with resources both inside and outside the RWC. Please feel free to contact her ( or drop by the RWC (3340 HBLL) to see her!

If you are faculty, an instructor, or an advisor, click here for more info.

Option 1: Consultations

As with all students, ESL & multilingual students are welcome to drop in or schedule consultation appointments at the RWC at any time.

In each consultation, you will work one-on-one with a peer consultant for 30-60 minutes to improve your writing and build your skills. You can come for a consultation at any stage of the writing process, whether or not you already have a draft of your paper. For example, you can come for help understanding a prompt or assignment, to brainstorm ideas, to make an outline, to ask specific questions, for help revising a draft, or even to learn reading tips and strategies. Click here to learn more about consultations, or go back to the home page to sign up.

Option 2: Writing Tutorial for Multilingual Students

If you are a multilingual writer enrolled in writing-heavy courses this semester, you have another great option for support: The Writing Tutorial for Multilingual Students. In the Tutorial, you will be paired one-on-one with a specially-trained peer writing consultant. You’ll meet with this same consultant for one hour every week throughout the semester. 

The consultant and you will work together at every stage of the writing process. During the weekly meetings, you can expect:

•  Support with writing assignments for your courses

• Help in developing a more effective writing process (leading to less stress and less procrastination!)

• Guidance in setting, working toward, and achieving your writing goals

Because you’ll be working together consistently, your consultant will have the chance to get to know you and your writing on a deep level. (You’ll get to know them, too!) This will enable them to help you improve over time in ways that wouldn’t be possible in a single, hour-long session.

Check out this infographic to see how regular consultations and the Writing Tutorial are similar and different:

When and how can I join the Writing Tutorial?

You can join anytime during the semester, starting right now. The closer to the start of the semester you join, the better, as you’ll be able to receive more support and help from your writing consultant.

To sign up, scroll up and click the button above. Once we receive your sign-up form, we’ll pair you with a consultant and contact you to get started!

If you have questions about the program, please email Katie Watkins:

Writing Tutorial Policies and Expectations:

The RWC expects that all students who join the Tutorial will:

  1. Commit to attending all weekly meetings

We ask that you take the Tutorial as seriously as you would a class. This includes coming every week, on time, to your scheduled meeting with your writing consultant.

If you absolutely must miss a meeting, you can reschedule by contacting the RWC front desk. However, Tutorial students are only allowed TWO ABSENCES/RESCHEDULES (except in cases of serious illness or other extenuating circumstances). 

  1. Respect the process of collaboration

We ask that you take full responsibility for your own work in the Tutorial. While your consultant is there to help you learn, they can’t do your work for you. Please don’t ask your consultant to do your assignments for you or edit your papers without your participation. Remember that your own development as a writer is the most important thing you can get from the Tutorial.

  1. Communicate!

If you have questions or concerns about your experience, if your schedule changes, or if you feel the Tutorial isn’t working for you, contact us! Please don’t ghost us. Give us feedback and the chance to work with you to resolve your concerns!

More Info

Click below to see or download more info about the Tutorial and a flyer about the Tutorial you can share.

Other FAQs:

What is a multilingual student?

A multilingual student is any student from a language background more complex than “English is my native language.” Here are some examples of students who fit under the multilingual umbrella:

• A student who speaks English as a second language

• A student who grew up bilingual in English and another language

• A student whose family primarily speaks a language other than English at home

• Etc.

Is the Tutorial only for multilingual students?

Yes. This program is specifically designed to support multilingual students. We welcome all students, regardless of language background, to come to the Writing Center for regular one-on-one consultations with a peer writing consultant. 

If you’re not a multilingual student but you’re interested in the type of recurring support the Tutorial provides, please contact Tyler Gardner (

Does the Tutorial serve graduate students or only undergrads?

Due to limited resources, the Tutorial currently serves only undergrads. In the future, we hope to expand the program to include graduate students, too. Right now, as with all students, graduate students seeking writing help are invited to come to the Writing Center for regular one-on-one consultations.

If you’re a graduate student interested in the type of recurring support the Tutorial provides, please contact Tyler Gardner (

Can a student join the Tutorial at any time during the semester?

Yes! While we encourage you to join the Tutorial early in the semester in order to receive as much support as possible, you are welcome to join at any time.

How is the Tutorial different from the Writing Center’s regular one-on-one consultations?

The Tutorial has a lot in common with our regular one-on-one consultations: meaningful collaborative experiences with a peer consultant, help at any stage of the writing process, student-led support, etc. However, there are a couple key differences:

1. Consultants in the Tutorial receive an additional level of training in working with multilingual writers.

2. Students in the Tutorial get consistent support over time from the same consultant (including help with setting and achieving goals) in a way that isn’t possible in a single session.

Can students in the Tutorial also schedule regular one-on-one consultations?

Yes! The Tutorial is not the only support the RWC offers to multilingual students — it’s just one extra option we offer in the spirit of giving focused support. Students are welcome to schedule regular consultations at any time, including while participating in the Tutorial.

Can I sign up for the Tutorial while I’m taking ELANG 150 or Writing 150?

We’re open to exceptions, but generally no. The Tutorial is designed to extend the support students receive in ELANG 150 or Writing 150 to other semesters and other courses.

With questions or to talk about a possible exception, please reach out to Katie Watkins (

Can I take the Tutorial more than once?

Yes. Students can participate in the Tutorial during multiple semesters.

To help you figure out what resources are available to you as a writer and make a plan for when the Tutorial will work best for your needs, contact Katie Watkins (

(Note: We can’t guarantee that you will be able to stick with your same consultant throughout more than one semester of the tutorial.